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To explore which assistance programs might be available to you, select the number of people in your household, yearly income before taxes, state and operating company.

The number of people in your household includes anyone living in the home on a full-time basis. This would include adults and children who are not renters. The following people are NOT considered household members:

  • Persons who are maintaining their living arrangements temporarily for a reason such as a visit, vacation or education.
  • Those in the military, away at college, in a nursing home or a rehabilitation facility, or incarcerated in a correctional facility.
    (Exception: If the household has access to a family member’s military income, it does count towards the household income and the individual is counted as a member of the household.)

Maximum yearly household income before taxes includes:

  • All sources of income including salaries, wages, child support, SSI, SS and SS Disability, Public Assistance, Workers Compensation, unemployment, pensions, etc.
  • Any money earned by a spouse, parent, or any other person 18 years old or over, permanently residing in the home.
  • The income of those students who live at home while attending school. However, do not count their income if the student is away at college or other post-secondary education institution.
  • Military income, if the household has access to a family member’s military income.