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Customers with a household income level of 300% or below federal poverty income guidelines are considered protected customers and are eligible for special payment assistance.  Protected customers may not be subject to service disconnection until March 31, 2021, as long as they contact us to provide household income information, enter into a payment arrangement, and apply for all eligible assistance programs.  Disconnection activity will proceed for those customers who do not take action.

To determine your Federal Poverty Level (FPL), please see the chart below.  You will need to know the number of people and the annual/monthly income within your household.  If you are eligible to be protected and/or need payment assistance, contact us to provide the required information.

  PA COVID Annual Income PA COVID Monthly Income
Household Size 300% of FPL 300% of FPL
























Each Additional




See which payment assistance programs could help with your electric bill.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, we have ways to help pay your home electric bill on time—and get the support you need. Use the search tool below to see what assistance programs you may be eligible for.

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To explore which assistance programs might be available to you, select the number of people in your household, yearly income before taxes, state and operating company.*

*This information is for reference purposes only and does not verify eligibility for any program.
Visit the program site for more information or to apply.