Meter Reading

Our meter readers attempt to read your meter either monthly or bimonthly depending upon the established tariffs on file with each state.  The chart below shows whether your operating company is on a monthly or bimonthly schedule.  

Operating Company Meter Reading
Ohio Edison Monthly
The Illuminating Company Monthly
Toledo Edison Monthly
Met-Ed Monthly
Penelec Monthly
Penn Power Monthly
West Penn Power Monthly
Jersey Central Power & Light Monthly
Mon Power Monthly
Potomac Edison (WV) Monthly
Potomac Edison (MD) Bimonthly

On the months that your meter is not read, your bill is estimated, which typically is based on daily usage from the same period during the prior year.  Any difference between your estimated usage and actual usage is automatically adjusted the next time your meter is read.

After the reading is obtained, it is entered into our computer system, which compares your reading with previous readings.  If it is outside of the expected usage, the reading is flagged for closer examination by our Customer Accounting associates.  Inaccurate estimated readings either are adjusted, or we obtain another reading.

We provide electricity to millions of customers and strive to deliver accurate bills every month.  However, if you feel you’ve received a bill that is not accurate, you can read your meter and compare that reading with the one on your bill.

To submit your reading, you must enter it within a three-day window, which is listed under the "Messages" section on your bill, the month before a scheduled estimation.  We will use your actual supplied reading to calculate your bill only if it is entered within this window.  If you enter a reading outside of this window, we will prorate your bill using the reading you provided.

Unplanned Estimated Meter Readings

At times, severe weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances might prevent us from reading your meter.  On the months your meter is not read, your bill is estimated.  If you prefer not to receive an estimated bill,  you can login to submit a meter reading online or call our Contact Center.

Submit A Meter Reading