Let us know if you believe a tree is growing too close to one of our power lines. We can assess the situation to determine if the tree needs attention before the next scheduled trimming. 

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Instead call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) immediately.

Your safety is important to us. Stay away from all power lines.
Assume they are live and dangerous.

If you have lost power due to a downed power line or
other hazardous situation, do not complete this form.

Please report your outage by calling 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877).

Please log in or use quick access to alert us of a tree that may be growing too close to one of our power lines. A forester will examine the situation, and if the problem needs attention prior to the next scheduled trimming, we will schedule it for maintenance.

CAUTION: For your safety, please do not work on trees near power lines.

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A safety hazard is any condition that poses an immediate risk to the public, and can include:


- Downed wires that may be sparking, smoking or near water

- Downed poles

- Trees that have fallen on power lines

FirstEnergy WILL:

- Maintain wires on a scheduled basis only.

- Review trees for selective pruning and removal - Work is completed around wires only.

- Clean up debris during normal maintenance.  Will chip all the branches and rake the work area, but will leave wood over 4 inches in diameter for home owners use or disposal.

- Treat trees and brush with herbicides to control unwanted vegetation.

- Make every reasonable attempt to notify the property owner that the work will be completed.  Although we do not seek permission to do the trimming we do try, where possible, to involve the property owner.


FirstEnergy WILL NOT:

- Trim for streetlight illumination or private outdoor area lights.

- Clean up debris during storm work.  The priority is removing limbs from the wires and we do not clean up the debris.

- Prune trees for private contractors without determining first whether or not to issue a charge based on the circumstances.

- Prune trees for phone or cable lines.


Tree Removal:

Occasionally, trees are planted in unsuitable areas. For fast-growing trees like silver maples, willows and sycamores, the repeated trimmings required to keep limbs clear of power lines increase tree decay and make trees more susceptible to disease. When these types of trees are placed directly under or near power lines, removal is the best solution.


If a customer would like a tree removed and the tree is located between a utility pole and the customer’s home, we will disconnect the service free of charge. The homeowner will be responsible for the actual tree removal. Please call us for specific details about your tree and power lines.

Last Modified: May 24, 2016