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Struggling to Pay Your Electric Bill?  We Can Help.

There are many reasons you or someone you know may need help with home energy costs. We understand and can offer a variety of programs to help you budget your monthly payments, pay winter heating bills, catch up on past-due payments, or avoid service disconnection.

See what programs are available in your area and learn about what type of assistance could be available based on your location, household size and income.


  • Payment Assistance Programs
    NJ PIPP Program

    Universal Service Fund Program

    USF provides low-income customers a payment plan to help lower the monthly cost for electric service. Participants pay a maximum percentage of their total household income for electric and natural gas. USF is a statewide program administered by the New Jersey Department of Human Services. Fresh Start, the debt forgiveness component of USF, provides a one-time opportunity to eliminate pre-program account arrearages. There are household income and other program qualification requirements.

    Debt Elimination and Monthly Bill Credits

    NJ Shares Logo

    New Jersey Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services (New Jersey SHARES)

    New Jersey SHARES is a non-profit corporation organized to provide assistance to individuals and families living in New Jersey who are in need of temporary help in paying their energy bills. This program is designed to assist customers who would otherwise have no means of assistance. A history of good faith utility payments is considered for eligibility.

    JCP&L is a founding member of New Jersey SHARES. Program funding is provided by JCP&L customers, company employees, and FirstEnergy shareholders. The distribution of funds is administered by community-based organizations throughout the JCP&L service territory.

    Temporary Bill Payment Help

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    Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP/HEAP)

    The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps income-eligible residents with their heating and cooling bills, and makes provisions for emergency heating system services and emergency fuel assistance within the Home Energy Assistance Program.

    Annual Grant and Emergency Payment Help

    State of New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services


    Lifeline provides funding for utility bills (electric and natural gas) for qualifying disabled persons and senior citizens. Application must be made annually to receive the benefit. There are certain program requirements. For example, the Lifeline benefit pertains only to the customer's primary residence and must be in the customer's name - or the spouse's name.

    Assistance for Utility Bills

    NJ Power On Affordable Housing Alliance

    Payment Assistance for Gas & Electric (PAGE)

    PAGE is an annual assistance program designed to help zero- to moderate-income households across the state of New Jersey. PAGE benefits homeowners and renters who are New Jersey residents that have an electric and/or gas account that is any of the following:

    Past-Due and Disconnection Assistance

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    Comfort Partners Programs

    The Comfort Partners Program is a free energy conservation and education program for low-income customers of Jersey Central Power & Light. The program helps customers save energy and money by reducing their electric bills. This is done by installing energy conservation measures in the home and by educating family members on their energy and conservation choices. Participation is prioritized based on the customer's energy consumption. There are household income requirements and other program qualifications.

    Energy Conservation

    New Jersey 211 logo

    211 Helpline

    This nationwide resource and information helpline will identify programs in your area that may assist you or someone you know with utility bills.

    Program Available Year-Round

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    Energy Assistance Days for 2024

    If you could use some help paying your electric bill, be sure to attend an energy assistance event. Representatives from multiple utilities as well as Community Action Partnership agencies are on hand for these events.

    To apply for assistance, you’ll need to bring Social Security cards and proof of income for all household members, your deed or rental lease and a recent electric bill.

    Check back for Energy Assistance Days for 2024. We will post the dates here when they become available. 

  • Special Arrangements

    Extended Due Date

    If you are at least 60 years old or receive a Social Security or pension check, or if you receive disability assistance, we can extend your payment due date until after your check arrives.

    Contact: Jersey Central Power & Light - Email or call 800-662-3115


    Payment Arrangements

    If conditions make it difficult to pay your electric bill on time, we can arrange affordable installments to be paid with your monthly bill.  Payment arrangements help maintain your electric service while you make payments more suited to your financial situation.

    To Apply: 


    Third-Party Notification

    Select a third party (a friend, relative, clergy, or social service agency) to be notified, along with yourself, if your electric service is about to be disconnected. The third party is not obligated to pay overdue bills but can remind you of pending disconnection and help you make payment arrangements.

    Contact: Jersey Central Power & Light - Email or call 800-662-3115


    Military Deferred Payment Program

    This program is designed to assist customers who are having financial difficulties because their family members have been called to active military duty. Customers participating in the program may elect to defer paying either all or a part of their monthly electric bill. When the family member in the military service returns home, the account will be reviewed to determine payment arrangements for the balance owed.

    Customers who have switched to an alternative generation supplier may defer the charges paid to their supplier only if that supplier offers a deferred payment program. If your supplier does not offer a deferred payment program, the supplier charges must be paid each month.

    Contact: Jersey Central Power & Light - Email or call 800-662-3115

  • Medical Needs Assistance

    Critical Care Program

    The Critical Care Program identifies customers who use certain electrically operated life sustaining medical equipment in their home. The program helps customers - for whom a service interruption could be immediately life threatening or would make operation of necessary medical or life supporting equipment impossible or impractical - prepare for planned and unplanned power outages. Please call us if someone in your home uses this type of medical equipment.

    Contact: Jersey Central Power & Light - Email or call 800-662-3115

    Medical Certification

    Customers with severe health problems may have a Licensed Medical Professional with prescriptive authority certify in writing that a termination of electric service would aggravate the medical condition. A form will be sent to the licensed medical professional to complete and return. The medical certification, if accepted, will temporarily postpone the termination of electric service. The Company has the right to require a reasonable proof of an inability to pay as consideration of acceptance. The customer is still responsible for the past-due amount and will be given the opportunity to pay the balance in monthly installments. The certification is designed to provide the customer with additional time to pay their past-due balance. Normal billing will continue during the hold period, but any collection-related activity will cease.

    If you or a member of your household have a qualifying medical condition, we have made it easier for your doctor to submit the medical certificates to us by automating the forms online. Please email us or call Customer Service at 800-662-3115 for details on the information your doctor will need to complete the medical form.
  • Additional Information

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