Home Area Network (HAN)

The Home Area Network or HAN is a network contained within a customer's home or business that connects a customer's qualified energy monitoring device to a smart meter. This connection allows the customer to observe his or her real-time energy usage through the energy monitoring device.

By connecting an energy monitoring device to your electric meter, you can:

  • Monitor your real-time electricity usage (kWh)
  • Evaluate your home or business for high energy usage devices and activities to understand how to develop energy-saving habits and make informed decisions about your energy use


Qualified Energy Monitoring Device(s):


Qualified Pulse Output Device(s):


If you have any questions about the HAN program, please feel free to contact Honeywell by calling 1-855-830-2922 or via email.

To check your eligibility or connect your qualified HAN-enabled device to your smart meter, complete and submit the form found here to FirstEnergySmartMeterProgram@Honeywell.com.   


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