Ohio Smart Meters

Program Overview

FirstEnergy’s Ohio utilities – Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison and The Illuminating Company – have installed more than 710,000 smart meters on customers’ homes and businesses throughout our Ohio service area. This effort is part of a three-year investment approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to modernize the electric distribution system in Ohio with advanced automation equipment, real-time voltage controls and the installation of smart meters.

This step toward a more modernized electric system will enable automated meter readings and may enhance our ability to respond to outages faster and more efficiently.

Plus, if you have a certified smart meter, you have access to more detailed energy information through our online Home Energy Analyzer tool that will help you better understand your electricity use – which means you can then make informed decisions on how to manage and control your electricity consumption.

Be assured that the smart meter technology being implemented has been rigorously tested and proven by manufacturers to be accurate, safe and secure in systems throughout the country.

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