Interval Metering and Pulse Service – Pennsylvania Smart Meters

FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities – Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power and West Penn Power – are implementing new smart meter technology on homes and businesses throughout our service areas. This effort is in response to Pennsylvania Act 129*, which requires all large electric utilities in Pennsylvania to install smart meters. 

Smart meters come with an internal Zigbee radio chip that, when enabled, can transmit near real-time consumption data wirelessly. The data can be read with the aid of a Home Area Network (HAN) Zigbee to Pulse Output device. Pennsylvania Act 129 requires that Pulse Output devices be available with smart meters.

The HAN Zigbee to Pulse Output device currently qualified by FirstEnergy is the “Solid State Instruments MPG-3 wireless meter Pulse Generator” (MPG-3). This device receives data transmitted via the Zigbee radio chip wirelessly from the smart meter and converts the data into pulses.

Customers of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities that wish to receive pulse outputs via a Home Area Network (HAN) Device can access installation instructions, see the frequently asked questions about the device and request connection below.


Installation Instructions (MPG-3)


How do I purchase the MPG-3?

Visit the manufacturer’s website* to purchase the device and for contact information for help throughout the process.

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What does the MPG-3 cost?

All purchase information can be obtained via the manufacturer’s website*. If you have additional questions, you may contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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How far does the device need to be from the smart meter?

The device must be within 50-feet in line of sight from the smart meter. While the manufacturer may indicate a greater distance for provisioning, FirstEnergy recommends that 50-feet line of site from the smart meter to increase the success rate when pairing/provisioning the device.  Installation instructions can also be found here*.

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Do I have to power the device?

Yes, the customer must provide a 120V or 240V power source for the MPG-3 device. Installation instructions and requirements can be found here*.

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What if my pulses fail?

First, check to make sure the contacts are still connected to the device. It might be necessary to have an electrician or a qualified professional check to determine this. If you have additional questions, you may contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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What happens if I have a power outage?

If power fails or an outage happens, the device is already connected to the smart meter. Once power is restored, the smart meter and the MPG-3 will reconnect and continue providing pulse data. If your meter needs to be replaced, you’ll need to reconnect the HAN device with the new meter.

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How long does it take to connect the MPG-3 to the smart meter?

Once the provisioning process begins, the pairing window for HAN devices is 24 hours. It may take up to 24 hours for the smart meter to be connected to the MPG-3.

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*When you click this link, you will open a third-party website. The site is not maintained by FirstEnergy and FirstEnergy is not responsible for the content.