Terms and Conditions

Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

The parties to this Automatic Bank Draft Agreement ("Direct Debit") are an operating company subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., specifically Ohio Edison Company, The Toledo Edison Company, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, Metropolitan Edison Company, Pennsylvania Electric Company, Pennsylvania Power Company, West Penn Power Company, Jersey Central Power and Light Company, Mon Power Company, or Potomac Edison Company ("Company") and you ("Customer").  Customer understands that by enrolling in the Automatic Bank Draft  ("Program"), Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of the Agreement in existence at the time the enrollment until the agreement is terminated either by the Customer or the Company. The Agreement is subject to change at any time.

Customer's Responsibilities

Enrollment Requirements

Customer understands that participation in this Program does not affect any of Customer's rights to file a complaint with their state's Public Utilities Commission or Board. If Customer enrolls in Automatic Bank Draft, this User Agreement authorizes Company directly or through its subsidiaries or affiliates, to process an electronic debit from Customer's designated Checking/Savings account each month for the total amount due on the bill due date. Funds are deducted on the invoice due date unless the due date is a bank holiday, in which case the deduction would follow the processing guidelines established by the bank (typically the next business day). This program is only available using banks located within the United States. Customer understands that separate authorizations will be required for other available payment options such as One-Time Payments or Automatic Credit Card Payment Program.

This service is provided free to the Customer; however, the Customer should check with their bank regarding any fees that Customer’s bank might charge for online transactions. Once Customer enrolls, the Automatic Bank Draft Payment program will begin with the first bill rendered in their billing cycle.  Therefore, Customer will still need to use another payment method to pay the current bill until Customer sees "Checkless Customer (Bill Amount) will be deducted from your account on (Date) - DO NOT PAY" on the payment stub.  Customers will still receive a monthly bill - either by postal mail or if Customer has enrolled, via eBill Electronic Billing (paperless/online) - before the statement due date, so that Customer knows the amount being deducted from their account.

By participating in this Program, Customer is authorizing Company to initiate an electronic transfer of money from their checking/savings account to Company. Transactions should appear on the Customer's official account bank statements and their next monthly electric statement. Customer's bank may be responsible under banking regulations to provide disclosures, receipts, statements, and other communications. Questions about bank statement lists of Customer's transactions, or errors or unauthorized transfers, stopped payments, fees imposed by your bank, or your limitation of liability should be directed to Customer’s bank.

Online Account/My Account

Customer agrees to keep their online profile, including their password and confidential to prevent unauthorized access to the account(s). Customer is responsible for all transactions others authorize on Customer's account(s), if Customer permits other individuals to use this service, including his Password to access Customer's account(s). If Customer uses this service for business account(s), Customer is responsible for establishing and maintaining his own internal security procedures to prevent use by unauthorized employees or persons. Customer agrees that FirstEnergy Corp., its subsidiaries and affiliates are not responsible for the security and privacy of Customer's password, including but not limited to Customer's misuse or disclosure of his password. If Customer forgets his password, FirstEnergy’s Customer Service Department should be contacted during business hours for assistance or Customer may utilize the online self-service functionality to reset their password.

Customer Information

Company will use the Customer information provided for participation in the Program, including disclosure of the information to other parties involved in this program, such as Customer's bank, governmental banking agencies and Company's bank that processes the transaction.


If Customer wishes to cancel their enrollment in the Automatic Bank Draft Program at any time, Customer may do so by logging in to his/her/their account www.firstenergycorp.com/login and under the Account Settings section, click the arrow beside Automatic Payment: Direct Debit and follow the instructions or by calling the Contact Center. Removal must be completed three (3) business days prior to the current bill due date to deactivate Direct Debit for the current bill period.  Any amounts due or past due at that time remain Customer’s responsibility and should be paid immediately. Termination or suspension will not affect Customer’s liability or obligations under this Agreement.


It is Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that the bank information is accurate, legitimate, and up to date on their account for the Automatic Bank Draft Program to ensure proper authorization of their payment. Customer will automatically be removed from the program if a payment fails authorization. An account is automatically removed from Direct Debit after three (3) returned payments. Customer may re-enroll with updated bank information. Neither Company nor FirstEnergy Corp, its subsidiaries and affiliates shall be responsible for any payment processing errors or fees incurred if Customer does not provide accurate bank account or contact information.

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