eBill User Agreement

Terms and Conditions of the Electronic Billing Program

You ("Customer") are entering this eBill User Agreement (“Agreement”) with the particular electric utility operating company affiliate of FirstEnergy Service Company listed herein that provides electric service to you: Ohio Edison Company; The Toledo Edison Company; The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company; Metropolitan Edison Company; Pennsylvania Electric Company; Pennsylvania Power Company; West Penn Power Company; Jersey Central Power & Light Company; Monongahela Power Company; or The Potomac Edison Company (each a "Company"). By participating in the Electronic Billing Program ("Program"), Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement with Company. Customer understands that the terms of this Agreement may be changed at any time and that Customer will be bound by the changes until Customer terminates Customer’s participation in the Program. Customer may review the Agreement at any time by selecting the “eBill User Agreement” link on My Account. Customer agrees to review the Agreement form frequently to insure that Customer understands and agrees with all changes.  This is a purely voluntarily Program, and Customer may opt-out at any time.

Customer’s Responsibilities

Customer agrees that it is Customer’s responsibility to pay Customer’s electric bill monthly. Customer will pay each bill using one of Company’s payment options. Customer also agrees to be responsible for any late fees.

To participate in the Program, Customer must complete online registration in the Program.  After registering online, Customer will no longer receive a paper copy of the billing statement, but Customer will receive a monthly email notification when each billing statement is available online for Customer to view and/or print.  In addition, Ohio customers will not receive a paper copy of any applicable disconnection notice.  Customer agrees that if electronic notification of a statement is not received for any reason, including but not limited to server error or computer program failure, Customer remains solely responsible for timely payment of the amount due.  For additional information concerning this Program, go to Billing and Payment Options

New Customers who enroll in the Program when setting up their electric service during the move-in process will be considered as temporary participants in the Program and will have ninety (90) days from the time of enrollment to complete their online registration in the Program.  Until completing the online registration, such Customers will receive both electronic and paper billing statements.  If Customer fails to register for the Program online within such 90-day period, Customer will be removed from the Program and will only receive paper billing statements.

Customer understands that participation in the Program does not affect Customer's right to file a complaint with Customer’s state Public Utilities Commission or Board.

At any time, Customer may cancel participation in the Program and opt to receive paper statements by contacting the Company’s customer service department or using the online self-service function of the Program.  

Customer agrees to keep Customer’s Program password and profile information confidential to prevent unauthorized access to Customer’s account(s). If Customer permits other individuals to use Customer’s password to access Customer’s account(s), Customer is responsible for all transactions others authorize on Customer’s account(s). If Customer uses this service for business account(s), Customer is responsible for establishing and maintaining Customer’s own internal security procedures to prevent use by unauthorized employees or persons. Customer agrees that Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates are not responsible for the security and privacy of Customer’s password, including but not limited to Customer's misuse or disclosure of Customer’s password. If Customer forgets Customer’s password, Customer should contact Company’s customer service department for assistance during business hours or use the online self-service function to reset Customer’s password.  

Customer’s Information

Customer agrees that Company may use Customer’s profile and other information provided for participation in the Program for purposes of administering the Program, and Customer consents to Company’s disclosure of the information to other parties involved in the Program, including, but not limited to, governmental agencies, Customer’s bank, and Company’s bank that processes the transaction(s).