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  • The Basics of Electric Service

    To make the best choices, you need to be aware of the different services you use and pay for when you receive electricity.

    First, generation: electricity is produced, or generated, at a power plant, also called a generating station.

    Next, transmission: the electric energy is transmitted on high-voltage lines from the power plant to areas where it will be used.

    Then, distribution: the local electric utility, like Penelec, uses its wires, transformers, substations and other equipment to deliver the electricity to homes and businesses.

    Some people compare this system to the way consumer products, such as clothing and furniture, move from manufacturers to customers.

    With choice, you can choose a supplier that will supply your generation. However, you'll still deal with Penelec which will be the delivery company no matter who supplies your generation. We'll use our wires to deliver your electricity reliably and safely, just as we have in the past.

    The New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) has established requirements that Energy Service Companies must comply with in order to sell electricity to consumers.

    Your supplier will charge you for the cost of generating electricity. The supplier's price also will include the cost of getting the energy to our wires. Penelec will charge you for the cost of delivering the electricity over our wires to you. Our charge will include other costs, such as meter reading and billing.

    Penelec will continue to provide the same services we have in the past, except that you now will be able to decide who supplies your electricity. We'll continue to maintain and operate our transmission and distribution system. In addition, we'll continue to purchase and deliver energy to customers who do not choose another supplier, and we'll provide meter reading, billing, complaint resolution and service restoration after outages.

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  • How to Participate

    It's easy for Waverly customers to participate in the choice program.

    All you need to do is sign up with a supplier. The supplier will need information, including your name, address, phone number and 20-digit customer number to provide service. The supplier also may ask you for permission to have the utility release your energy use information.

    When you shop, you'll use your "price to compare" to check the prices offered by suppliers. In order to save money, you must buy your electricity from a supplier at a price that is less than the price to compare you'll receive from Penelec. The price to compare is based on Waverly's generation and transmission costs.

    If you buy your electricity from a supplier, your bill may include the cost of the kilowatt-hours purchased from the supplier.

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  • How to Shop

    Shopping for electricity isn't difficult. Like the other shopping you do, it involves three steps: gathering information, checking prices and making a choice.
    Gather Information
    The place to begin is with the material Penelec sent you along with this Shopping Guide. It includes information you'll need to make a smart decision, including your 12-month energy use history, a list of eligible suppliers and your price to compare. The price to compare will help you determine whether a supplier's electricity price will save you money.
    Check Prices
    After reviewing the material, start contacting the suppliers by phone or on the Internet. To sell electricity in NY, each supplier has to meet eligibility requirements established by the New York Public Service Commission and the utility whose customers they will serve.

    Ask questions and compare the prices and services offered by the suppliers. Evaluate those factors against Penelec's price to compare. If the suppliers price is less than your Penelec price to compare, the difference represents your potential savings on the cost of electricity supply. (You must contact the individual suppliers for details on their pricing.)
    Make a Choice
    If you decide to buy your electricity from a supplier, the supplier you select will ask for your 20-digit customer number. By providing your customer number to the supplier, you are authorizing the supplier to switch your electric supply service to that supplier. The supplier will notify Penelec, and we will send you a letter confirming your selection.
    Questions to Ask
    Here are some questions to ask suppliers as you shop for a new supplier:

    What is your price per kilowatt-hour?

    Is your price fixed or does it depend on usage or on the time of day?

    What is the length of the agreement if I sign up with you?

    Is there a cancellation fee?

    Are there any other fees, such as a monthly service fee?

    Is there a bonus for signing up with you?

    Will I receive one bill or two?

    Do you offer a choice of energy sources, such as renewable energy?

    Do you offer any other services?

    What are your customer service hours?

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What Is My Price To Compare?

      The price to compare is the figure you use to compare prices and calculate potential savings among suppliers. The price to compare includes both the cost of generation and the cost of transmitting power from the source of generation to Penelec's distribution system.

      You will save money if you can find a supplier that will sell you electricity for a price that is less than your price to compare.

      Penelec's Waverly customers may call the company's Retail Choice Center toll-free at 1-888-478-2300 if they do not know their price to compare.

    • Where Can I Get A List Of The Suppliers Serving Waverly Customers?

      If you need a list of suppliers, you can go to the New York Public Service Commission's website at*. You also can receive one by mail by calling FirstEnergy's Retail Choice Center toll-free at 1-888-478-2300.

      *By clicking this link you are leaving the FirstEnergy website and entering a website maintained by New York State Public Service Commission. New York State Public Service Commission is entirely responsible for the content of this website.

    • Will My Electric Service Be Less Reliable If I Choose A Supplier To Supply My Electricity?

      No. Your participation in the program will not affect the reliability of your electric service.

      Penelec will continue to be responsible for delivering power over our wires to all customers in our service area, regardless of which Energy Service Company they have chosen. This delivery service will continue to be subject to regulation by the New York Public Service Commission.

    • Whom Do I Call With Questions About My Electric Bill?

      Penelec is responsible for restoring your electric service during outages. Call the company toll-free at 1-800-545-7738 to report a power outage.

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