• Customer Choice Overview

    As a customer of Potomac Edison, there are three components of your service.

    • Generation – The generation electricity that powers your home or business 
    • Transmission – The “superhighway” of the electric system, which channels high-voltage power across long distances from generation sources to local lines serving towns and communities
    • Distribution – The system of lines that delivers electricity to your home

    The image below illustrates the separation of services resulting from competition.


    If you look at your electric bill, you’ll see it divided into two parts: charges from Potomac Edison for delivering electricity to your home through the transmission and distribution systems and a separate charge for the electricity you use.

    If you are not currently served by a competitive supplier, Potomac Edison has purchased electricity for you. You can find the rate reflected under the “Messages” section of your bill as the “price to compare.” This rate may be adjusted seasonally. You have the option to shop for the electricity you use from a competitive energy supplier just as you shop for other products and services.

    We encourage you to regularly evaluate your “price to compare” against competitive energy supplier offers. When you do, consider the price, plan structure (fixed or variable rate), contract terms and conditions, and any taxes, charges or fees that may apply. This will help you to manage your budget year-round and stay informed about changes to generation costs.

    Potomac Edison will continue to deliver the electricity to you, regardless of the supplier you choose. Customers who change energy suppliers will not experience an interruption in service, and Potomac Edison will continue to service electrical equipment and respond to outages. If you do not choose a competitive energy supplier, Potomac Edison will continue to provide electricity at the price we have purchased it for on your behalf.

    To learn more about shopping for a competitive electric supplier, including a list of suppliers licensed by the Maryland Public Service Commission, visit

  • Educational Materials

    You probably have many questions, but the changes in the way you buy electric generation supply do not have to be confusing. We've prepared materials on this site to explain the changes and describe the options you'll have.

    If you cannot find the answers to your questions on this website, another resource is our Retail Choice Center, which has specially trained representatives to help with your questions about electric competition. The toll-free number for this resource is 1-800-827-0048.

  • Standard Offer Service Price

    Residential Customers

    Generation, Transmission & Energy Cost Adjustment Price Comparison Information:

    The current price for Standard Offer Service (SOS) electricity is 9.785 cents/kWh, effective through September 30, 2024. SOS electricity will cost 9.698 cents/kWh beginning on October 1, 2024, through May 31, 2025. The weighted average price of SOS electricity will be 9.727 cents/kWh through May 31, 2025. The price for SOS from June 1, 2025, through May 31, 2026, will be set in January 2025.

    Non-Residential Customers

    (Type I, Type II and Hourly Pricing)

    Generation and Transmission prices vary based upon your monthly kilowatt-hour usage.

    Schedule for determining new Standard Offer Service rates:

    • Residential Standard Offer Service rates beginning June 1, 2025, will be available by January 2025.
    • Type I Standard Offer Service rates beginning June 1, 2025, will be available by April 2025.
    • Type II Standard Offer Service rates beginning September 1, 2024, will be available by June 2024.
  • Supplier List

    To sell electric generation service in Maryland, all electric generation suppliers and aggregators must be certified by the Maryland Public Service Commission (MdPSC). Electric generation suppliers and aggregators must also be registered with the local utility to sell electric generation service in that utility's service area.

    View the list of licensed electric generation suppliers who are certified with the MdPSC and are registered or are pending registration to sell electric generation service in Potomac Edison service territoy.

    For additional information about energy choice, call our Retail Choice Center toll-free at 1-800-827-0048. You can also call the Maryland Public Service Commission toll-free at 1-800-492-0474, or visit the MdPSC's Website.

  • Electric Choice Link
  • Maryland Tariffs

    Users of electronic tariffs should note that such tariffs are not the official documents, and users assume responsibility for reliance upon tariffs in electronic format.

    Current - Potomac Edison Tariffs

    Pending - Potomac Edison Tariff Revisions