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New Address for Electrical Service

Please complete the form below to request electric service for your new location.

By requesting service, you acknowledge that the utility company has the right to check your credit history to determine whether a security deposit will be required to establish service at this address. If a security deposit is required, you will be notified by email or phone. You also might be asked to provide proof of ownership or occupancy.

Review our Security Deposit - Credit Policy for additional information.

New Address - Service Location

Find By Street Address
Find Address by Meter Number
Meter Number Tool Tip
Find Your Meter Number

Your meter number is usually stamped or printed at the bottom of the faceplate in bold black numbers and can be up to 10 digits in length.

How to Locate Your Meter

Meter Image

Additional Info Providing the current occupant's name of the address where you are requesting electric service will assist us in locating the new service address.

For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out of this session in 60 seconds, due to an extended period of inactivity.  The information you have entered will not be saved.  If you need additional time to complete this form, select Continue.

You have seconds left before your session expires.

Help Us Find Your Address

No House Number
Entry of a meter number or prior occupant’s name is recommended.

House Number

  • Alpha Character - Include it without spaces.
    For example:  100 A Washington St, enter as 100A Washington St
  • Fractional Portion - Include it with a space.
    For example: 1001/2 Washington St, enter as 100 1/2 Washington St

Street Names

  • Abbreviations - Avoid using abbreviations for the main street name.
    For example: 100 Wash St, enter as 100 Washington St
  • More Than One Word - If the address is not located as one word, try reentering as two words.
    For example: 100 Beachhill Rd, enter as 100 Beach Hill Rd

Street Direction
Enter the abbreviation.
For example:
100 East Washington St, enter as 100 E Washington St 100
1st South, enter as 100 1st St S

Street Suffix
Enter the abbreviated suffix after the main street name.
For example:
100 Washington Street, enter as 100 Washington St
100 1st Street, enter as 100 1st St
State or US Route

Avoid using abbreviations for the main street name.
For example:
Rt 55, enter as Route 55
100 Rt 55, enter as 100 Route 55
100 St Rt 55, enter as 100 State Route 55
100 US Rt 40, enter as 100 US Route 40

Rural Route or Highway Contract
Enter the abbreviation.
For example:
Rural Route 3 Box 9, enter as RR 3 Box 9
Highway Contract 72 Box 10A, enter as HC 72 Box 10A

Last Modified: December 16, 2023