Be Prepared for Outages

Prepare for an outage
Preparing in advance of a power outage can help minimize the challenges you face if the lights go out. Follow these tips.

Gather Supplies



  • Fully charged cell phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Car charger to charge devices if your power is out.
  • Flashlight, portable radio and extra batteries.
  • Hard-wired phone to report an outage or emergency. A plain, hard-wired phone can operate on power delivered through the phone line.
First Aid

Warmth and Safety

  • Extra blankets or a sleeping bag for each person.
  • First-aid kit.
  • Medications and other personal health items for each person. 
Emergency Food and Water

Food and Water

  • Emergency supply of bottled water and/or fill your bathtub with fresh water.
  • Supply of convenience foods that do not require cooking. Don’t forget the can opener!

Know How to Report a Power Outage and Stay Informed

We may not know you are without power. Customers should always let us know if they are experiencing an outage, even if a neighbor has already reported it.

Online Sources

Online (Optimized for smart-phone view)

Reporting through messaging

Text Messaging

  • To report an outage: Text OUT to 544487 (LIGHTS).
  • If you’re not enrolled in text messaging, text REG to 544487 to get started.
  • To receive the latest update for your reported outage: Text STAT to 544487.


To report an outage call 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877).

Disability Services


Customers with a communication disability can report an outage using the appropriate TTY/TDD relay service, our online form or text messaging.