Smart Meter Repair

We have begun installing smart meters on homes and businesses as part of our smart meter program in New Jersey. While installing smart meters, it is possible that our installation vendor may find a component of the electrical system is deteriorated and requires the customer's attention. These repairs are the property owner's responsibility.

Impacted customers will receive a letter stating that the identified deteriorated condition(s) requires repair and service may be disconnected if those repairs are not made. The repairs cannot be made by our installation vendor and are your responsibility.

Below are the most common deteriorated conditions our installation vendor sees when replacing meters:

  • Socket Strained – The underground service connections have settled and shifted, causing the meter socket to become tilted. This created tension that needs to be alleviated.

  • Detached Meter Socket – The socket has become removed from the structure to which it is attached.
  • Bad Jaw – One or more of the attachment points of the socket to the meter is damaged, bent or rusted and must be rectified to properly withhold a meter.
  • Missing Fifth-Jaw – The meter socket is missing a component required to accurately measure total energy consumption; this component will need to be added.
  • Conduit Pulled – The encasing of service connection wires is gapped in one or more places.
  • Socket Damaged – The enclosure that surrounds the meter is damaged and requires repair. This may include holes in the socket, corrosion causing holes or gaps in the socket.
  • Weatherhead Issue – The point where the overhead service attaches to the structure and down to the meter socket is damaged and requires repair.
  • Service Entrance Problem – The service cable, conduit or a combination of these elements is damaged.
  • Jaw Tension Failure – Tension has loosened on one or more of the attachment points (jaws) where the meter is seated within the socket.

Click here to view images of each possible deteriorated condition.

Please do not attempt to repair, replace or remove your meter. Attempting to replace, tamper with or block access to the utility’s electric meter is illegal and can result in disconnection of service. More importantly, it can be extremely dangerous and potentially fatal. 

If your service is disconnected, the property owner must have a qualified electrician make the repair and have your service inspected for your service to be restored.

Once the repairs are made, please contact us to safely replace your meter. If you decide to decline the smart meter, the repair will still need to be made and we will need to come out to place a seal on your meter indicating that you have opted out. Please note, the meter will have to be read manually and there will be a monthly charge of $15 for reading the meter.

Thank you for your attention on this matter. If you have any questions, please contact a customer service representative at 855-344-3400. To learn more about the smart meter program, visit

To download our smart meter repair door hanger, click here.