Average Payment Plan

Note: Average Payment Plan is only available in Maryland and West Virginia

We offer an Average Payment Plan (APP) option as a convenience to Mon Power and Potomac Edison residential customers who wish to level out their bill payments. This plan gives you more control of your monthly household budget.

Level Out Your Electric Bill

If your budget gets "bent out of shape" every winter and summer during peak heating and cooling periods, why not level it out with our Average Payment Plan.  Under the Average Payment Plan, your annual electric bill will be divided into 12 monthly payments that will round off those peaks and make it easier to pay.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for the Average Payment Plan, we average your electric usage for the previous 12 months and calculate your monthly payment as 1/12 of that yearly amount.  Then, every time a new bill is issued, your monthly amount is updated to reflect a new 12-month period.  That way, your bill is always representative of your actual electric usage.  The amount of your payment may vary slightly from month to month, but will not climb significantly in the winter and summer when heating and cooling equipment is used the most.  The Average Payment Plan costs nothing extra.  You pay only for the actual amount of electricity you use.

What if I'm a New Customer?

If you are a new customer, we will need at least one 30-day bill to occur in order to estimate your annual usage.  The amount initially calculated will be based on the estimated annual usage, and will be adjusted monthly based on your actual usage.  After one year, your actual annual consumption will be used to calculate future monthly payments.

What Will My Bill Show?

Your electric bill will show the kilowatt-hours you've used between meter readings.  It will also show your account balance and your Average Payment Amount, which is the amount you pay. In months when we don't read your meter, the bill will show only your Average Payment Amount.

Is the Plan Optional?

The Average Payment Plan is optional, and you can discontinue it at any time.  If you do enroll, however, you should make your monthly payments on time.  If you don't, we will add a late charge and may return your account to standard billing.

How Can I Enroll?

To enroll in the Average Payment Plan call:

  • Mon Power 
    1-800-686-0022 (TRS 711)
  • Potomac Edison
    1-800-686-0011 (TRS 711)

How Do I Cancel?

To cancel your Average Payment Plan, please call:

  • Mon Power 
    1-800-686-0022 (TRS 711)
  • Potomac Edison
    1-800-686-0011 (TRS 711)
  • West Penn Power
    1-800-686-0021 (TRS 711)