Pre-Enrollment Customer Information List

The following categories of customer specific information will be included on the pre-enrollment list for each Customer who has not requested that all information be removed from this list:

i)  End-use Customer name;
ii) Service address;
iii) Service city;
iv) Service state and zip code;
v)  Mailing address;
vi)  Mailing city;
vii) Mailing state and zip code;
viii) Rate schedule under which service is rendered, including class and sub-class (if applicable);
ix) Rider indicator (if applicable);
x) Load profile reference category;
xi) Meter number and type (will provide information that is readily available);
xii) Interval Meter data indicator (will provide information that is readily available);
xiii) Budget bill/ Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) program indicator;
xiv) Meter Read Cycle;
xv) Most recent twelve (12) months of historical consumption data (actual energy usage plus demand, if available);
xvi) Current and future Peak Load Contribution (PLC) value;
xvii) Effective date of PLC value;
xviii) Current and future Network Service Peak Load (NSPL) value;
xix) Effective date of NSPL value;
xx) Service voltage; and
xxi) Net metering indicator.

For additional information regarding the Customer Enrollment Process, please refer to the Ohio Tariffs.