Downed Power Lines


Touching a power line can cause serious injury or death. You can't tell by looking whether a line is "live" or "hot" or not. Even if a downed line isn't actively sparking, always assume it is carrying electricity

  • Stay at least 30 feet away from any downed power line, and don't go near the pole or anything touching the line. 
  • Call 911 immediately if a power line is down. (Note: please use this option only if you actually see a downed wire. Do not assume that because your power is out there must be a wire down somewhere.)
  • Warn others to stay at least 30 feet away from the line until help arrives. Keep pets away, too.

Customers with a communication disability can report a downed wire using the appropriate TTY/TDD relay service.

Other tips for staying safe around downed power lines

  • If a downed line is near water - even a small puddle - keep well away.
  • Be careful not to stand under damaged tree limbs or power lines. Tree limbs can become weakened during a storm but not fall until several hours or days later. The same can be true for damaged power lines or poles.
  • Don't drive or walk over downed power lines.
  • If a wire falls on a vehicle, passengers should stay inside the vehicle until help arrives.
  • Downed power lines that come in contact with a vehicle create a dangerous situation. Do not touch the vehicle. Call 911 immediately to report it.


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