Hunt Safely

Hunt safely and stay away from utility equipment.

Protect yourself and others by staying away from all electric utility equipment.

Structures such as tree stands attached to a transmission tower, pole or underneath a high voltage line—even temporarily—are prohibited. Contact with these structures can be extremely dangerous due to high-voltage power flowing through the lines. 


When you’re out hunting, always remember to: 



Beware of downed or damaged power lines.

If you see a downed power line, keep yourself and others as far away as possible and call 911 immediately. For distribution lines, never get closer than 30 feet. For transmission lines from large towers, stay at least 100 feet away.


Know where lines are located.

Trees, brush, and the forest floor can obscure downed power lines. Be sure to know where lines are and use caution when hunting anywhere near power lines.


Shoot responsibly.

Do not take shots in the direction of power lines or anything on them. A gunshot can cause outages, damage, and downed wire—which poses a risk of serious injury or death to you and others.


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