Heat Waves

Heat waves are common summer occurrences in our service area. During the most severe hot weather, power supplies might be stretched to their limits and we might ask customers to use electricity as prudently as possible. But your main concern during a severe hot spell should be to take proper health precautions.

Be prepared and know what to do

  • Have basic emergency supplies on hand, including extra bottles of water.
  • Consider the impact of heat on your activities, especially during the hottest part of the day.
  • Avoid unnecessary power use; turn off non-essential lights, appliances, and equipment.
  • Drink plenty of water; dehydration is a primary health hazard during severe hot weather.
  • If air conditioning is unavailable, go to a cooler location such as a basement.
  • Check on seniors or those living alone who may have difficulty in hot conditions; make sure they, too, drink plenty of water and stay as cool as possible.

Stay informed

  • Be aware of heat advisories that may be issued through the local media.
  • Tune to a local radio or TV station for information on the weather and local relief efforts.

For more information, check the National Weather Service Severe Weather Information* website. Also, consult the Red Cross website* for heat wave safety tips and information.

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