Contractor Safety

These safety tips and guidelines are designed to help you and your team avoid hazards while working around overhead and underground power lines and other electric equipment.

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Working Safely 
Our e-SMART Worker website offers job-site safety tips, videos and training materials to help keep construction workers and contractors safe around power lines. 

Flame-Resistant Clothing and Protective Equipment 
Review FirstEnergy's contractor guidelines for flame-resistant personal protective equipment (FR PPE).


Safe Practices 

Safety Instructors

  • If you are responsible for worker safety information, check out the free materials, interactive safety tools, and videos available on our e-SMART Instructors website.

Flame Resistant Clothing and Protective Equipment

In April 2014 OSHA issued a final rule that significantly revised the safety regulations specific to the operation and maintenance of electric power generation, transmission and distribution installations. The revised rule include new requirements for protecting workers from electric arcs and using arc-rated clothing and protective equipment.  

Please review this brochure for FirstEnergy's guidelines for flame resistant clothing and protective equipment. 

Additional Safety Information