Pennsylvania Electric Choice

In the past, Penn Power, your electric distribution company, provided every aspect of your electric service – supplying the generation and delivering it to your home or business. 

Through the Pennsylvania Electric Choice program, you have the opportunity to choose your electric generation supplier – and perhaps save money on your electric bill. Penn Power will continue to deliver the electricity to you and maintain the same poles and wires.

Whether you're looking for a supplier based on price, the terms of the contract, or the options offered by that supplier, the choice is yours.


Electricity is priced by the kilowatt-hour. Electric generation suppliers should be able to quote you their price per kilowatt-hour so you can compare prices. You can look at your latest Penn Power bill to see how many kilowatt-hours you used during the last billing period. Simply multiply the supplier’s price times the kilowatt-hours to see how much the generation portion of your bill would be.


Electric generation suppliers might offer a number of options for you to consider. For example, they might offer one price for daytime use and another price for evening use, so it would be important to know when you use your electricity most. Other factors to consider include the source of energy used, whether the supplier offers other services like appliance repairs, and how easy it is to get help with billing problems.


It is important to understand the terms of your agreement when you sign up with a supplier. You might be required to buy service for a specified number of months, and there might be a fee or penalty for breaking the contract.


Last Modified: July 2, 2012