Our Home Energy Analyzer is a simple, convenient tool you can use to save energy...and money. Just follow a few easy steps to gain a better understanding of your household energy use and identify ways to improve your efficiency.*

You will need to register for an online account to access the Home Energy Analyzer. This allows us to determine solutions that will work best for your household.  These programs support the EMPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act*.  Costs will be recovered through a monthly surcharge on customer bills.  Participation in these programs can help offset this surcharge.  Get more information about saving energy from the Maryland Energy Administration*.


Create a report on your home's major sources of energy use.


Take steps ranging from improved weatherization to more energy-efficient lighting.


Identify possible steps to save energy - right now and over the long term.


You'll achieve savings through these and other improvements.


* Actual energy and dollar savings resulting from the improvements suggested from the use of this tool may vary based on individual circumstances and are not guaranteed.