Government Aggregation

To request a Government Aggregation (GAGG) file:

Attach a completed GAGG request form  to the contact supplier services form. This form requires the Political Region Code.  This information may be located on the Political Codes.PDF which is provided below.  The document reflects the list of Ohio municipalities within each county as well as the assigned political region number.  Also, attach a proof document of municipal consent (such as a RFP or contract). 

Political Codes

Please note, it is your responsibility to review this list with your municipality or city to ensure you have the proper listing and that the list is complete and correct.  

Please allow up to 10 business days for processing GAGG requests.  Once the request has been processed, a spreadsheet will be uploaded to the Supplier Portal. This spreadsheet will contain all accounts in the community(ies) listed on the GAGG request form as well as designating all customers who restricted the release of their information from the pre-enrollment mass marketing list.

The file format is available below. 

GAGG file format 

If you have any questions, please contact Supplier Services or call 330-761-4348.