is FirstEnergy’s multi-year grid evolution initiative designed to deliver the energy our customers depend on today while meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

With planned investments of $26 billion across our distribution and transmission system between 2024 and 2028, FirstEnergy is forging a smarter, more secure and reliable grid that can accommodate electric vehicles, the electrification of homes and businesses and clean energy sources. As we expand these customer-focused investments, we’re also keeping a careful eye on affordability.

Increasing Reliability with a Smarter, More Reliable and More Secure System

  • Enhancing the high-voltage transmission system to make it more resilient, reduce future maintenance costs and increase flexibility to help grid operators respond more swiftly to variable conditions.
  • Building a technologically advanced local distributionenergize365 system to reliably deliver power to homes and businesses by implementing grid management solutions, automation and emerging technologies that help protect against power outages and minimize the impact of outages if they do occur. For example, in New Jersey, we’ve proposed a major infrastructure upgrade program, known as EnergizeNJ, to strengthen the backbone of our JCP&L infrastructure and provide the foundation for future smart grid capabilities.
  • Incorporating smart meters that can empower our customers to manage their energy use and costs. By 2028, we expect to have installed smart meters for approximately 86% of customers.

Supporting the Transition Toward a More Sustainable Energy Landscape

  • Embracing innovation and investing in new technologies and tools that support increased renewables and distributed energy resources.
  • Leveraging our expertise to connect renewable resources such as wind and solar – both on a small scale through individual customer connections and on larger scale through projects like building new company-owned solar facilities in West Virginia and connecting offshore wind to the grid in New Jersey.

Focused on Customers, Affordability and a Clean Energy Future


Energize365 grid investments will help enhance the customer experience through energy efficiency programs to help the underserved and consumer education on clean energy options and electric vehicles. Our rate filings are carefully planned to support our customer-focused investment strategy and provide the most value while helping keep electric bills among the lowest compared to other utilities in the states we serve.

Enabling Economic Growth and a World Increasingly Powered by Electricity

Engaging and Strengthening Local Communities

  • Creating local jobs for local contractors and skilled union laborers to help complete projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrating environmental considerations into all areas of business planning and decision-making to preserve, protect and maintain the environment.
  • Working closely with local elected officials and property owners to address concerns and provide timely project updates.
  • Increasing local tax revenue with infrastructure projects in communities where the company has substations, transmission lines and facilities – which could benefit public schools and other municipal services.

Please see our Transmission Projects page for more information about current and planned investments in transmission facilities across the FirstEnergy footprint.