Supplier Registration


Any Supplier seeking to obtain Coordination Service in the Maryland (Potomac Edison) service territory must complete the following contractual agreements and/or documents to the operating company:

1. Complete creditworthiness obligations. 

2. Rate information is only applicable for rate-ready billing. Please complete the FirstEnergy Rate Request Form for existing generic rates or new generic rates.  The list of currently available Generic Rates may be found under the Rate Categories link on the left.

3. Written evidence to the operating company of being a signatory to the Operating Agreement and Reliability Assurance Agreement of the PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (only applicable if the supplier elects not to use a Scheduling Coordinator).

4. Coordination Agreements for FirstEnergy's Maryland company

Potomac Edison Coordination Agreement

5. Supplier must be licensed by the Maryland PSC to serve Maryland customers and must provide a copy of the license.

6. A completed Supplier Communication Details form.

7. An executed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

8. Completed W-9 Form.

9. Banking information (Bank Name, Routing Number, and Account Number) provided on company letterhead with a signature.

10. A completed Request a new User ID and Password form. Completion of this form will grant you access to the secure portions of the website, which includes the interested customer list, sync list, and interval data.

11. Completed Supplemental Form .

12. Create a PJM Short Name.

Upon delivery of registration application and review of documents, you will be contacted to complete EDI Testing. Please visit our Technical Support - EDI page for additional information.

Completed contractual agreements and all documentation must be attached to the contact web form linked below, or delivered to the address shown:

Supervisor, Supplier Services
341 White Pond Drive
Akron, OH 44230
(330)761-4348 (Telephone)
Contact Supplier Services (Web form)


Supplier User Manual:
Supplier Energy Obligation
Supplier Capacity Manual

If you have questions concerning the necessary agreements or information to be provided, please contact Supplier Services or call (330)761-4348.