Maryland Community Solar Program

Potomac Edison Maryland Community Solar Program – Subscriber Organizations

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) has adopted regulations for a community solar pilot program in Maryland, with an emphasis on providing renewable energy benefits for low- and moderate-income customers. This program allows Potomac Edison customers to participate in a solar array without owning the equipment required to generate solar electricity. Community solar customers are expected to see some savings on their electric bills and all Maryland residents will benefit from more clean energy options.

Individual community solar projects will be operated by subscriber organizations (which can include utilities, retail electricity suppliers, solar developers, etc.). These organizations are approved by the PSC and the electric company serving the location of each project.

In addition, the program will encourage private investment in Maryland’s solar industry and diversify the state’s energy resource mix to meet Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act goals.

If you are a Potomac Edison customer and need more information about Maryland Community Solar, visit the Maryland Community Solar Pilot Program here.

Procedure to submit Subscriber Organization’s Customer List

Prior to completing the Subscriber Organization Customer List, a Subscriber Organization should already have both the subscriber organization number from the PSC as well as the interconnection number from Potomac Edison. The Subscriber Organization will need to contact their developer or contractor to ensure the project has been completed and has received permission to operate. No customer list will be processed by PEMD unless the Subscriber Organization or affiliate is granted permission to operate.

The completed Subscriber Organization Customer List form must be emailed to Supplier Services using the “Contact Supplier Services” form at by the 5th business day prior to the end of the month. The 5th business day prior to the end of the month is the definite deadline to receive and process the subscriber list. PEMD can accept the subscriber list at any time prior to the 5th business day to the end of the month.  Please note, receiving the customer list 5 business days prior to the end of the generation month may cause early portion billed subscribers not to receive the generation credit until up to two billing cycles. Once the review of the customer list has been completed, a communication will be sent to the subscriber organization informing them of the status and a final communication marked as such will be sent notifying them of the potential unsubscribed energy. Customers rejected during the enrollment process are not subscribed.  Subscriber Organizations have the opportunity to correct and resubmit enrollment lists on subsequent months. Any unsubscribed energy will be purchased from the subscriber organization at the net hourly, integrated, real-time Locational Marginal Price (LMP) for energy at the Allegheny Power Systems (APS) residual aggregate zone within PJM. All valid accounts will be programmed prior to the last day of the submission month (not the generation month).

  • Maryland Solar Subscriber Form
    Template is format protected, please do not alter format associated with this template. If format is changed or updated, list processing may be delayed. 

Every month, a subscriber organization will be required to submit any changes to their original customer list, such as Add(A), Change(C), Drop(D), or even if customer remains Same(S). The customer list must be received 5 business days prior to the end of the generation month.

Please attach the completed form using the “Contact Supplier Services” form at Select “MD Community Solar” from the web form drop-down selection.

If the subscriber template is submitted to in other mailbox other than “MD Community Solar” the customer list will not get processed in a timely manner. Please submit list to “MD Community Solar” from the web form drop-down selection.Our commitment to you during the coronavirus

Procedure to request historical usage for a Subscriber Organization’s Customer

Per the PSC Community Solar tariff, a subscriber organization must ensure and certify that any customer’s total subscriptions and net-metered generation do not exceed 200 percent of each customer’s baseline annual usage. As such, a subscriber organization may request a customer’s 12-month historical usage. In order to receive this information, the subscriber organization must provide a customer signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) form as provided below.

Please attach the completed form using the “Contact Supplier Services” form at Select “MD Community Solar” from the web form drop-down selection.

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