Commercial & Industrial Demand Response Program FAQs


What is demand response and how does it benefit my business? 

Demand Response (DR) offers your business the opportunity to manage your electricity usage during peak periods to reduce the demand on the electric system. Customers that meet program requirements and participate in DR events during the summers of 2017 through 2020 may be eligible to receive cash incentives through the program.

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Are there other benefits by participating in a DR program?

Yes. Participation in DR programs can also result in ongoing energy savings and improved energy reliability. In addition, reducing your load on high demand days can help prevent high increases in market prices.

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Why isn’t a DR Program offered in Penelec?   

The DR Program is only offered to customers of Med-Ed, Penn Power and West Penn Power to help meet specific demand response targets established by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Act 129 Phase III Implementation Order. 

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Which DR Service Provider should I contact if I am interested in participating in the DR Program?     

Both DR Providers can be contacted directly to determine program enrollment needs, participation requirements and customer incentives.

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What are program participation requirements?     

The DR Providers have their own contractual obligations, requirements and customer contracts.  They can be contacted to determine individual participation requirements.

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Do I need to contact FirstEnergy in addition to contacting the DR Providers to participate in the DR Program? 

No. The approved DR Service Providers will administer the Program and work with you to make participation simple.

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Last Modified: September 18, 2018