What You Can Expect: Meter Installation

Exchanging your current meter with a smart meter takes very little time and even less effort from you. In fact, if your meter is readily accessible, you may not even need to be at your home or business when it occurs.

The day of the smart meter installation, the installer will come to your door to let you know about the new meter installation and the brief interruption in your service. 

Prior to installation, you may want to ensure that the meter installer will have safe access to your electric meter by clearing any obstructions to the meter or unlocking any gates.

While you don’t need to be present for the installation, you can call our installation vendor, Wellington Energy Inc., at 1-888-317-8815 to schedule an appointment if you have special needs or circumstances that require you to have advanced notice of the meter exchange.

The installation will be done by a FirstEnergy company employee or an employee of Wellington Energy. FirstEnergy employees have FirstEnergy uniforms and trucks. Wellington Energy employees wear a brown uniform that shows their company logo, and they drive a white truck with the Wellington Energy and FirstEnergy logos. All installers wear identification badges from FirstEnergy.

Unless the meter is located inside your premises, the installer will not need to enter your premises. Please be aware that all of our installers will be carrying proper identification. If a Wellington Energy installer cannot show you an identification card, or if you have a concern about that person’s identity, please call Wellington Energy at 1-888-317-8815.

Please note:  Although the smart meter has been installed, the functionality of the meter will be implemented over time – meaning, the company is gathering your usage information but must also then evaluate and verify the accuracy for some time before we start using that information for billing.  As a result, you may still see company employees reading your meter after your smart meter has been installed.