Stop Service (Move Out)

When you are moving out of a location serviced by one of FirstEnergy's operating companies, you will need to notify us to stop your electric service. You can submit your request for stop service online, by email, or by calling our Contact Center.

Selecting Dates to End Service
Typically, the first available move-out date will be at least one working day from the current date. The move-out date you select must be a company work date which typically excludes weekends and holidays. The online move-out form presents a calendar, which shows non-work dates as unselectable. Additionally, a particular date might not be selectable if the company work schedule is already full for that date.

In Pennsylvania (residential only), any remaining occupants residing at the move-out service address must be given at least ten (10) days notice prior to the turn-off. For this reason, the first available move-out date will be ten (10) days from today's date.

In Ohio, some landlords may have contractual arrangements that require us to provide at least three (3) days advance notice of a turn-off. In these circumstances, the first available move-out date will be three (3) days from today's date.

Other move-out information:

  • A move-out request can be submitted by the residence owner, renter, spouse, or relative. In New Jersey, a realtor or attorney may also request service to be ended.
  • Please be sure to verify that you will not need service on the date that you are requesting the shut off since the service could be shut off in the morning. If electricity will still be needed, you might want to change the shut off date to the next business day.
  • Please provide a forwarding address.
  • In Ohio, if everyone at the property is not moving out or if the request is made by an apartment manager or owner, the system will create a 10-day occupancy notice.



Last Modified: July 19, 2017