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For information on rules, guidelines and restrictions, online form for new service or service upgrade, removal of electric facilities, search for electric inspection permits, and information and guidance for customer requirements for electric sevice, go to Request Electrical Work.

Rules, Guidelines and Restrictions

FirstEnergy takes the maintenance of its transmission rights-of-way for high-voltage lines seriously. There are numerous restrictions necessary to keep builders and contractors safe and to keep FirstEnergy systems reliable. Go to Request Electrical Work for more information on the Rules, Guidelines and Restrictions.  Visit Safety for additional information.

Online Form for New Construction or Service Upgrade

To start the process of establishing a brand new electric service for construction, upgrading your existing electric service or requesting temporary service, please complete and submit the Establish or Upgrade Service Form.

You might be required to pay temporary fees in advance. Any other fees associated with your service request will be quoted by our company representative and must be paid in advance.


Search Electrical Inspection

If you would like to check the status your electrical inspection permit, go to Search Electrical Inspection.  Complete the required fields and click Search to begin.  If the status states: "The electrical inspection has not been received," please check back in a few days.


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