New Jersey Community Solar Program

New Jersey Community Solar Program – Subscriber Organizations

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) approved rules for a new community solar pilot program that will give many renters, low-income families, businesses and others an easy and affordable way to go solar for the first time.  The Community Solar Energy Pilot Program will enable utility customers to participate in a solar energy project that is remotely located from their property. 

For more information, visit the New Jersey Community Solar Pilot Program here. 

Procedure to submit Subscriber Organization’s Customer List

Prior to completing the Subscriber Organization Customer List, a Subscriber Organization should already have both the subscriber organization number (obtained from JCP&L) as well as the interconnection number from the BPU.  The completed Subscriber Organization Customer List form must be emailed to Supplier Services using the “Contact Supplier Services” form at by the 20th of each month. Per tariff rules, this form needs to be submitted prior to the start of the generation month in order for the customer information to be reviewed. Once the review has been completed, a communication will be sent to the subscriber organization informing them of the status and if any ineligible customers were found, as these ineligible customers will be treated as banked energy.    

Any generation delivered to the grid that has not been allocated to a subscriber may be "banked" by the project operator in a dedicated project EDC account for an annualized period of up to 12 months. The banked credits may be distributed by the project operator to any new or existing subscriber during that 12-month period, in conformance with subscription requirements set forth in N.J.A.C. 14:8-9.6. At the end of the up to 12-month period, any remaining generation credits shall be compensated at the EDC's or BGS provider's avoided cost of wholesale power, calculated at the nearest node to the point of delivery of the community solar project.

Every month, a subscriber organization will be required to submit any changes to their original customer list, such as Add(A), Change(C), Drop(D), or even if customer remains Same(S). The customer list must be received by the 20th of each month prior to the start of the generation month.

Please attach the completed form using the “Contact Supplier Services” form at Select “NJ Community Solar” from the web form drop-down selection.

If the subscriber template is submitted to in other mailbox other than “NJ Community Solar” the customer list will not get processed in a timely manner. Please submit list to “NJ Community Solar” from the web form drop-down selection.Our commitment to you during the coronavirus

Procedure to request historical usage for a Subscriber Organization’s Customer

Per the BPU Community Solar final rules, a subscriber organization must ensure and certify that any customer’s total subscriptions and net-metered generation do not exceed 100 percent of each customer’s baseline annual usage. As such, a subscriber organization may request a customer’s 12-month historical usage. In order to receive this information, the subscriber organization must provide a customer signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) form as provided below.

Please attach the completed form using the “Contact Supplier Services” form at Select “New Jersey Community Solar” from the web form drop-down selection.