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To help inform placement of new electric loads, especially those associated with EV charging infrastructure, JCP&L has developed a load capacity map that indicates areas where there is reasonable existing load-serving capacity to accommodate projects with less likelihood of needing significant equipment upgrades or line extensions. Values on the map are to be used as guidance only; developers are still required to submit a complete application to be reviewed before construction.

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Map Legend

The dots on the map represent the estimated accommodation limit for that location. When clicking on the dot, a single value will be provided in the pop-up box.

ā—      Red = Less than 500 kW
ā—      Yellow = 500-1,000 kW
ā—      Green = Greater than 1,000 kW


graphic of New Jersey


Summary and Disclaimers

  • The electric grid is made up of many individual electrical circuits. There is a limit to the amount of power that an electric circuit can safely and reliably accommodate.
  • This map represents an estimate of the feasibility of locating EV charging infrastructure at locations across JCP&Lā€™s system. The map should not be used for other purposes.
  • All systems are required to be submitted on a fully completed application for comprehensive technical review through the established interconnection process.
  • A location showing available load capacity does not guarantee approval without required system upgrades.
  • The map is updated with the information available at the time of update. Values may change at any time.
  • Applications in the queue take up capacity.
  • Service transformers, service conductors, or other infrastructure upgrades may be required and are not part of the analysis.
  • One-phase or two-phase sections may have lower accommodation limits than indicated on the map. Networked distribution feeders are not mapped.
  • The technological, legal, and regulatory considerations that apply to interconnection of solar generation and other distributed energy resources are complex and constantly evolving.
  • The information presented on this map was accurate in all material respects as of September 2022. However, FirstEnergy, JCP&L, and their affiliates cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information found on this map. Please seek appropriate technical, operational, financial, and legal advice before proceeding.
  • Applications will still be accepted on circuits mapped with no available capacity remaining. Level 1 applications may still be approved. Larger applications will require significant system upgrades paid by the applicant.

All customer applications for new load additions will be reviewed and processed in accordance with the latest Tariff for Electric Service. 

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