It is extremely important that children understand - and respect - the power of electricity. To further our commitment to safety - especially children's safety - FirstEnergy's Louie the Lightning Bug drives home the electrical safety message in these companion educational resources:


Play It Safe Around Electricity
Louie teaches children in grades K-4 about the safe use of electricity in this 10-minute video.
Louie's Electriks
"Louie's Electriks" is a 14-page color activity book loaded with educational games, puzzles and information about electrical safety.  It is endorsed by the National Education Association and is suitable for grades 1 - 3
We're Talking Electricity
Louie is featured in this delightful coloring book that teaches children about safety around electricity.
Louie's Safety Stickers
A variety of electrical safety messages are re-enforced with these colorful safety stickers.
Louie's Growth Chart
Children learn electrical safety as they grow with Louie's growth charts. Made of polyethylene and printed in vivid colors, the charts measure up to five feet, including metric.







Last Modified: January 24, 2013