PJM Short Name

Met-Ed, Penn Power, Penelec, and West Penn

One PJM short name is needed for the InSchedule contract

This short name must be unique in that it can only have retail load being supplied in one given EDC’s territory associated with it.  No other load in the above EDC’s territory or any other EDC in PJM can be associated with this short name.  This is due to a recent PUC order (http://www.puc.state.pa.us//pcdocs/1191100.pdf) that states that the above Pennsylvania EDCs are now responsible for two PJM Billing Line Items (“BLI”) that are reflected in the supplier’s PJM bill.  Once the unique PJM short name is provided, a PJM Declaration of Authority (“DoA”) form will be provided to the supplier.  After completion, this DoA will be provided to PJM and will allow them to automate the transfer of these charges from the supplier’s bill back to the EDC. 

Last Modified: June 27, 2018