Procedure to Interconnect Small Generation with the West Penn Power Distribution System

Prior to completing the application process, a customer interested in interconnecting small generation with the West Penn Power distribution system must first determine the size and type of equipment to install. 

NOTE: To be eligible for net metering, for a residential customer, the nameplate generation capacity limit is 50kW. For all others, the limit is 3000kW (up to 5000kW under certain conditions). See the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s website for Regulations for Interconnection Standards at 52 Pa. Code § 75.21, et seq.:

For more information on Net Metering, click here.

Application Process

1. Customer submits application & supporting documents:

A. Complete application/agreement as appropriate, based on the total of the nameplate rating(s) of the inverter(s) or other generation

B. Submit Net Energy Metering Rider Application (doc) (if applicable per PA Regulations).

C. One-line diagram (PV ExampleTurbine Example)

The one-line diagram must include:

  • Energy source (PV array, wind turbine, etc.). Please indicate DC or AC rating.
  • Inverter, if applicable. Please indicate AC rating.
  • Utility-accessible, visible break disconnect. Note: Molded case circuit breakers do not meet this requirement.
  • Connection to Customer’s electrical system.
  • Connection to utility meter. General location of generation and associated electrical equipment.

D. Site plan (Site Plan Example)

Please do not send overhead internet photos. The site plan must include:

  • Overall property layout and street access including cardinal orientation and nearest cross street (Indicate direction of nearest cross street if impractical to show on drawing).
  • The existing utility meter location. Note: Any proposed changes to the meter location or service must be identified and have prior approval by the Company's Metering & Line Departments.
  • Utility-accessible, visible break disconnect (next to utility meter preferred). Note:  1) In the event the disconnect cannot be reasonably located next to the meter, the location of National Electrical Code-required signage, including adequate description of location and access;  2) Molded case circuit breakers do not meet this requirement.
  • General location of generation and associated electrical equipment.
  • Service transformer, if known.

E. Application fee

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2. Company review
After review by the Company, the customer will be notified if the application is approved or if there are any deficiencies. The customer must correct any deficiencies before the Company will approve the facility for installation.

Design Request Assignment to Distribution Specialist

  • A Design Request Number will be assigned to the project once the application is approved.
  • The Design Request is then assigned to a Distribution Specialist at a local West Penn Power Service Center.
  • The Distribution Specialist will contact the customer if necessary to plan the generation interconnection.

3. Installation

Following approval of the application, the Customer installs the facility in accordance with the Application, PUC rules and the Company's Requirements for Interconnection of Customer-Owned Generation to the FirstEnergy Distribution System.

4. Following installation, the Customer submits final completed documents:

  • Part Two - Level 1 Application/Agreement OR Level 234 Agreement, including the Certificate of Completion
    • Submit evidence of electrical inspection by an authorized inspection agency:
      • The customer is responsible for contacting their local, city, or county code office for additional permit information and contracting the electrical inspector to schedule an inspection. Upon completion of a satisfactory inspection, the electrical inspector may forward the Certificate of Electrical Approval via the same method as Step 1 above or may sign the Certificate of Completion where designated.

        For a list of electrical inspectors, please contact your municipal or county authority.

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5. Final steps by Company

  • Review and approve the as-built installation and final documentation
  • Determine the need for a witness test as provided for in the regulations and notify Customer
  • Finalize documentation and authorize system operation
    • Note: Generation interconnection should not be energized prior to electrical inspection and receipt of Certificate of Completion signed by authorized Company personnel
  • Arrange for the installation of net energy metering, where appropriate

Additional Technical Requirements and References

Submit Documents or Fees

  • Email
  • Fax: 234-678-2502 (Please use highest resolution setting on fax machine)
  • Applications with large attachments that cannot be emailed and any required application fees should be sent to: 
    West Penn Power
    Attn: Regional Engineering - Interconnection
    800 Cabin Hill Drive
    Greensburg, PA 15601


  • Submit technical and policy questions regarding interconnection issues via email
  • General metering and billing questions should be directed to Customer Service at 1-800-686-0021.