Wholesale Interconnection

Below is information for wholesale customers looking to interconnect with FirstEnergy system.

Wholesale Generator 

A wholesale generator customer is a customer that owns an electric generator facility and sells or will sell electricity through the wholesale PJM market.

To apply for wholesale generation interconnection, complete the application on the PJM Interconnection website*. 

Wholesale Load

A wholesale load customer is a customer who receives electricity through the FirstEnergy system and then distributes and resells that electricity to other end users.

To apply for wholesale load service interconnection,

  1. Print the wholesale load service application and 
  2. Email the application to feconnect@firstenergycorp.com

Interconnection Requirements


If you are still uncertain as to which application to complete or if you have additional questions, please contact FERC & Wholesale Connection Support, either via email or 330-384-3889.

*By clicking the links to the websites listed under additional resources above you are leaving the FirstEnergy website and entering a third-party website.  FirstEnergy is not responsible for the content of their websites.