Virtual Meter Aggregation

Virtual Meter Aggregation is a billing mechanism that allows a customer to credit kilowatt-hours (kWh) from a single customer-generator electric account to another electric account. This offsets kWh billed on that account per terms and conditions of the Net Energy Rider Agreement.

Please see the tariff for your state to obtain details and requirements.

A search for Virtual Meter Aggregation within the tariff will direct you to the pertinent information.

How to Apply

Applicants should complete and submit the Net Energy Metering Virtual Aggregation Service Addendum to our Interconnection Department for approval.

How Bills are Determined

The excess generation registered will apply to the customer-generator (Host) account to offset any registered usage first. Remaining generation will apply to the designated account(s) (sub) per the state-mandated distribution method. 

Explanation of Net Meter Bill Terms

  • Kilowatt Hours Metered – Kilowatt-hours used for the period
  • Kilowatt Hours Out – Customer-generated kWh returned to electric grid
  • Kilowatt Hours Billed – The difference between kWh metered and kWh out
  • Banked KWH Credit – When kWh out are greater than kWh metered
  • Virtual Meter Aggregation – The application of excess net energy kWh to offset used kWh at approved customer accounts per the terms and conditions of Net Energy Rider Agreement.