At FirstEnergy, we strive to build a work environment where people feel accepted, where their ideas are welcomed, and where they can make a positive impact on the business and in the community. We help employees reach their full potential as individuals and professionals. Toward that end, we provide our employees with opportunities to sharpen their skills, embrace new challenges and advance their professional and personal growth. It all takes place in an environment that respects and rewards individual and team achievement and provides employees the tools they need to do the job right.

Core Values

We are committed to core values that are fundamental to achieving our vision to provide a quality work environment for all employees. Our core values define what is important to our customers, stakeholders and employees:  safety, customer service, diversity, positive change, knowledge, open communication and teamwork.

Rules of Engagement

Our Rules of Engagement – value-based guidelines given to every FirstEnergy employee – set the tone for how to work together with trust and mutual respect. They serve as reminders of the standards we must meet in our day-to-day business activities.

Critical Success Factors

To achieve our strategic goals, FirstEnergy employees must consistently perform well in key areas that span the entire organization. These key areas – or Critical Success Factors – define essential behaviors employees are expected to demonstrate and serve as guidelines for how we work together to accomplish our business objectives.

  • Learn and Grow:  Pursue continuous learning and personal development to enhance skills, knowledge and capabilities; infuse new ideas and energy; and ensure knowledge transfer.
  • Work Across FirstEnergy:  Think and work across FirstEnergy. Collaborate with and reach out to others to overcome barriers. Know your contribution to the whole and provide support to others.
  • Deliver Results:  Produce results that have a direct, positive impact on FirstEnergy.  Exercise sound judgment and act with integrity and in accordance with ethical business practices. Be accountable for safety and customer service.
Last Modified: June 28, 2011