A strong focus on health and safety

Health and safety are essential to all business activities at FirstEnergy. Our goals are to provide a safe and healthy work environment; to maintain an accident-free, injury-free and illness-free workplace for employees, contractors and visitors; and to promote, support and maintain public safety. To meet these goals, we dedicate ourselves to creating a world-class safety culture through the involvement, commitment and leadership of all employees. Our company-wide Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rate places us in the top quartile for safety performance in our industry.

image of hardhatsResponsibility and Accountability

We believe employees are ultimately responsible and accountable for their safety. They are expected to be thoroughly familiar and fully in compliance with all practices set forth in the company’s health and safety programs. Through these programs, we ensure employees have the tools, information and processes to perform their duties in a manner that ensures safety for themselves, their coworkers, our customers and the public.

Safety, Education and Training

Education and training are the keys to safety awareness and hazard recognition. At FirstEnergy, we build employees’ awareness and recognition skills through a number of essential programs that reinforce and supplement formal education and training programs.

A Never-Ending Commitment

Achieving our goals for employee and public safety requires constant attention, continuous improvement, focused education and training, and disciplined adherence to health and safety rules, regulations and practices. These are commitments that all FirstEnergy companies and employees embrace as a vital part of our daily operations.