Utilities & Corporate Services Major Commodities

FirstEnergy's Utilities & Corporate Services Supply Chain teams handle sourcing of the following commodities:


Major Materials and Services

-Business application software
-Consulting – Engineering Services
-Consulting - Financial
-Consulting - HR
-Consulting - Other
-Corporate environmental
-Corporate procurement card
-Corporate transportation
-Corporate travel
-Distribution hardware
-Distribution transformers
-Energy Efficiency Programs
-Enterprise software
-Fleet/vehicle services/fuel
-High voltage line contracting
-Logistics services
-Office equipment/printers/copiers
-Office supplies/furniture
-PCs and accessories
-Power transformers
-Safety clothing/equipment 
-Security - IT & Physical
-Servers/data storage devices
-Substation major equipment rigging/hauling
-Staff augmentation
-Street lighting
-Substation equipment
-Substation line/projects
-Traffic protection - flagging
-Vegetation management/forestry services
-Wood poles/crossarm


The Utilities & Corporate Services Supply Chain Sourcing team sources for Energy Delivery (Transmission and Distribution) across all of the service territories.