Supplier Registration

By registering as a potential supplier to FirstEnergy and identifying the products and services you provide, you will be entered into FirstEnergy's potential supplier registration database. This will enable you to be considered for Requests for Information and Requests For Quote for your products and services.


To register in the PowerAdvocate system as a FirstEnergy Supplier, please click on the link below and complete the appropriate information. Your company information will be logged into our database of potential suppliers who are interested in providing goods and services to FirstEnergy.

Please Note: All diverse FirstEnergy Suppliers (both new and existing PowerAdvocate users) are required to complete this registration process.

Click here for a document to guide you through the registration process. You can also contact PowerAdvocate Support at for assistance.

It is critical to ensure that your company information is current. Therefore, it is a good practice to update your information as changes occur in your organization.

If you have any questions about FirstEnergy's Supplier Diversity Program, please refer to our Supplier Diversity page or contact our Supplier Diversity Coordinators at