Rate Categories

Generic Rates

The Generic Rate documents are formatted to reflect the Rate Name to the left and the Price in Cents per kWh to the right.  The document titled Generic Fixed Rates provides the standard generic fixed rates currently available whereas the document titled Generic Percentage Off Rates provides the list of rates that are a % over or under the PTC.  An example of how the Generic Percentage Off Rate will be reflected is GEN-G940 as a cent per kWh of 94.00 which is 6% off the PTC.  Please refer to the Rate Design Form within the Supplier Registration section to submit a new rate request or an existing generic rate request.

Generic Fixed Rates

Generic Percent Off Rates

Rate Category Conversion

The rate categories listed on the attached file reflect the new SAP Rate Categories that have been assigned to West Penn Power customers. These categories may appear on billing reports, customer eligibility files, usage reports, and EDI transactions.

Rate Categories