Curtailment Service Provider Information

The information provided on this page is intended to assist Curtailment Service Providers (CSPs) seeking information to enroll customers in PJM's Demand Response Programs.

PJM maintains a list of contacts for each Electric Distribution Company operating within PJM. This list provides utility contact information of individuals or departments for CSPs to reference and assist in obtaining customer specific data needed for PJM program registrations.   

Prior to customer specific data being provided to a CSP, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) must be completed and executed by each customer for which data is being requested by the CSP. When the LOA has been completed and executed, the request and LOA can be emailed to the company's CSP Request Support for fulfillment of this request.

CSPs can also request Interval Metering or Pulse Service if not already provided to the customer by completing the appropriate Interval Metering/Pulse Service Work Orders. CSPs requesting Interval Metering/Pulse Service on behalf of customers must have the Interval Meter/Pulse Service work order and LOA completed and executed by each customer and provide the completed documents in accordance with the instructions provided on the Interval Metering/Pulse Service page.  

Also provided is the reference to the Electric Service Tariffs for each of FirstEnergy's Electric Companies. 



Ohio Edison

The Illuminating Company

Toledo Edison




West Penn Power

Penn Power

New Jersey

Jersey Central Power & Light

West Virginia/Maryland

Mon Power

Potomac Edison


Last Modified: February 5, 2021