Interval Metering and Pulse Service Information

The information provided on this page is intended to assist in the fulfillment of Interval Metering and/or Pulse Service and provides guidance regarding the fulfillment process work flow, customer and company requirements and the general timeframe for fulfillment of these requests.  

Customers can request Interval Metering and/or Pulse Service by completing and executing the Interval Metering/Pulse Service Work Orders located under the appropriate operating company heading provided below. 

Any third party requesting Interval Metering and/or Pulse Service on behalf of customers must have the Interval Meter/Pulse Service Work Order and a Letter of Authorization completed and executed by the customer.

When the appropriate documentation is completed and executed, it can be submitted to FirstEnergy's Interval Metering/Pulse Service Processing e-mail for processing. 

A line item will be added to the customer’s utility bill for the work completed.     

Frequently Asked Questions and Pulse Service Interface Box Requirements were developed and are being provided for further reference.

Additionally, information regarding FirstEnergy's Meter Profile Service can be obtained on the Meter Profile Service website. By obtaining a subscription to Meter Profile Service, customers can obtain interval meter data on their electric service account(s).   




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