Third-Party Data Access Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is considered a Third-Party?

    A Third Party is any person or entity seeking to obtain Customer Data from the Company that is not an Electric Generation Supplier, including a Conservation Service Provider, a Curtailment Service Provider, or other Market Participant.

  • Is there a fee associated with obtaining data access?

    If customer data is not available through standard automated processes (SU_MR or EDI), FirstEnergy will assess the requesting Third-Party a charge of $53 per hour, which will be billed by the Company in one-minute intervals.

  • Why is a Letter of Authorization (LOA) required?

    Third-Parties will be obligated to maintain authorization forms received from customers providing access to their customer data on record. FE reserves the right to request proof of LOA at any time.  Third-Parties will also be required to keep any customer data received secure and confidential.

  • What data is available?

    Third parties can access up to 24 months of customer data.  Data is supplied in 1-hour intervals.

  • In what format will data be provided?

    Data will be available to download in Microsoft Excel format.

  • How long will it take to receive data?

    For individual requests data should be accessible within 5 days of acceptance of Third-Parties registration materials.  Once registration has been processed you will receive a username and password to access the SU_MR to retrieve customer data.  

  • What if more than 24 months of customer data is needed?

    Requests for more than 24 months of data should be made via the Contact Us Form on the Third-Party Portal and will be subject to fees.  

  • Can data access be terminated?

    Third-Party participants can end their participation in the program at any time. 

    FirstEnergy reserves the right to terminate individual Third-Party participants access to the program.  Reasons for termination include but are not limited to failure to provide proof of customer LOAs’s upon request, failure to make timely payments, and the unauthorized access or retrieval, or both, of Customer Data.

  • How can EDI data be obtained?

    For those wanting data via EDI, testing requirements must be satisfied prior to use to access customer data.  

    For third-parties wishing to access data via EDI please submit your request via the Individual Data Request Option and indicate that you would like to utilize EDI.  A FirstEnergy representative will then contact you regarding instructions and testing requirements upon receipt of your registration materials.

  • How do I obtain Third-Party Portal access?

    For more information on Third-Party Data and portal access, review our User Guide.