YMCA of Frederick County Swims in Savings Thanks to Lighting Upgrades

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During a check presentation ceremony, Potomac Edison awarded Frederick County YMCA with $1,875 in incentives for energy-efficient upgrades.

The check was presented to the YMCA by Potomac Edison's Energy Solutions for Business Program for its installation of lighting improvements above the swimming pool. The project included the retrofitting of fluorescent high-bay lighting to LED vapor tight high-bay lighting.

The upgrades are expected to save the YMCA more than 2,900 kWh, which is equivalent to the energy used to charge 261,494 smartphones or to power the average Maryland home for more than nine months.

Potomac Edison's Energy Solutions for Business Program offers rebates to Maryland commercial and industrial customers for qualified upgrades to more energy-efficient lighting, which not only helps save energy but also provides longer lasting, brighter and significantly less maintenance than traditional lighting.

"Fixing lights above a pool is challenging and dangerous," said Tim Dunn, vice president of facilities and information technology for the YMCA of Frederick County. "The corrosive environment causes lamps to burn out faster and need to be changed more often." 

With incentives from Potomac Edison, the YMCA was able to make improvements with the help of Catoctin Lighting, resulting in lower maintenance fixtures and therefore fewer lamps to change.

And the benefits go beyond decreased maintenance. Improved pool lighting increases the visibility and safety of the pool area. It enhances contrast and highlights transitions between the pool and decks, walkways, stairs and other hard-to-see places. The result is a safer, more accessible environment for the YMCA community.

"We have been working with the YMCA for over ten years and have had the opportunity to work with Tim and his team on many energy-saving lighting projects," said Jim Richards, president of Catoctin Lighting Services. "We specified and supplied the LED fixtures and submitted the rebate paperwork on their behalf."


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Last Modified: March 26, 2019