Knox-Nottingham 138-kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project - Kilgore (Polo Road) - New Stacy Buc Segment (Case No. 22-0285-EL-BLN)

In this Project, ATSI is proposing to rebuild the approximate 9.0 mile the Kilgore (Polo Road)-New Stacy BUC portion of the approximate 44-mile Knox-Nottingham 138-kV Transmission Line. The project existing Structure No. 2788 (new Structure No. 332), the point of interconnection with American Electric Power (“AEP”) in Carroll County to existing Structure No. 2732B (new Structure No. 276), the point of interconnection with Buckeye Power in Harrison County.  The Project will traverse Perry Township in Carroll County as well as Rumley and Archer Townships in Harrison County. 

Project Documents

A paper copy of the application can be supplied within 5 business days upon request at no more than the cost of printing and shipping. Request for a paper copy can be made by contacting the transmission project hotline at 1-800-589-2837 or by e-mail. Please reference the project name and case number (22-0285-EL-BNR) in all communications.