Chrysler-Maclean 138-kV Transmission Line Tap to First Solar Project, (Case No. 18-1681-EL-BNR)

A FirstEnergy affiliate, American Transmission Systems Inc., will construct a new approximately 9,807 foot-long (1.86 mile-long) 138-kV transmission line tap from the Chrysler-Maclean 138-kV transmission line to the new First Solar Facility located in Lake Township, Wood County, Ohio. The project is needed to provide requested service to the First Solar Facility. The project will be located in Perrysburg Township and Lake Township, Wood County, Ohio.

Project Documents

A paper copy of the application can be supplied within 5 business days upon request at no more than the cost of printing and shipping. Request for a paper copy can be made by contacting the transmission project hotline at 1-800-589-2837 or by e-mail. Please reference the project name and case number (18-1681-EL-BNR) in all communications.


Last Modified: January 3, 2019