BETA Laboratory provides training by a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) for a variety of safety, health, and skills-related topics. Classes can be held at your location, or at BETA Laboratory's training center in Mayfield Village, Ohio. 

Overseeing your safety procedures and training programs can be time consuming - but these disciplines are vital to your employees' health and your company's success. With OSHA-mandated regulation demanding more of your time and money, BETA Laboratory can help you reach your safety and health goals.

Our extensive resources can enhance your safety and health programs as well as improve productivity and employee morale.

Your time is valuable and we can help. Listed below are just some of the capabilities our Certified Safety Professionals provide:

  • Air and Noise Monitoring
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Safety and Compliance Audits
  • Program Development

Have a question for a safety professional or need information about availability and pricing?  Please contact us for a quote or additional information on any of our services.

Safety & Fire Training

OSHA Safety Training

Course Name Summary
OSHA 10-hour
OSHA 30-hour
General industry and construction. Clarifies the requirements of OSHA standards.
Asbestos Awareness Exposure limits, monitoring, record-keeping & hazard communication.
Hazard Communication Chemical identity and hazard communication.
Permit Required Confined Space Practices and procedures to protect employees from confined-space hazards.
Hearing Conservation Hearing conservation procedures.
Preparing for OSHA Inspections Information regarding OSHA workplace inspections.
Personal Protective Equipment Hazard awareness and personal protective equipment training.
Lockout/Tagout Practices and procedures to shut down, lockout/tagout machines and equipment.
Fall Protection OSHA safety standards and practices.
Forklift Training I, II, III Operating procedure, testing, and train-the-trainer.
Bloodborne Pathogens Workplace responsibilities for training and communication.
Respiratory Protection Requirements for program administration, respirator selection and maintenance, and employee training.
Respirator Fit Testing Hands-on qualitative and quantitative fit testing for employees.
Electrical Awareness Training Electrical safety-related work practices
NFPA 70E Electrical safety - Arc/Flash/Blast
Fire Extinguisher Hands-on use of fire extinguishers
HAZWOPER  Hazardous waste operations 
Lead  Hazards of lead 
Customer Specific Course is tailored to your needs and requirements


Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training

BETA Laboratory provides state-of-the-art fire safety simulator training to improve the safety of your workplace and employees. This training program focuses on understanding the fire tetrahedron, the chemistry of fire, the types of fire and their respective extinguishing agents, along with the practical use of a fire extinguisher. This training meets OSHA 1910.157(g) requirements for fire extinguisher hands-on use and the hazards involved with incipient fire fighting.

As an alternative to open burn extinguisher training, which can involve costly permits, dry chemical, travel to the training site and scheduling, BETA Laboratory offers a unique training simulator. This computer-controlled system uses a custom digitized computer program, with laser light and compressed air fed through a portable extinguisher. Scenarios can be altered to adjust the type of fuel and agent, the flame intensity and the difficulty in extinguishing the fire.

Simulator training can take place in a classroom or any suitably-sized room where the amount of light can be adjusted.

Simulator Benefits

  • Reduced costs
    No expense for permits, dry chemical, extinguishers, gasoline, or kerosenes
  • Flexible scheduling
    No delays due to rain, snow, wind, or EPA ozone action days
  • Time savings
    Training is conducted at customer locations in single or multiple sessions
  • Environmentally friendly
    No pollution or smoke caused by traditional fire training
  • Safe for employees
    No open flame during practice

Training Details

Classroom instruction topics

  • Type of extinguishers
  • Evacuation planning
  • Fire classifications and prevention
  • P.A.S.S. extinguisher techniques
  • And more...
Simulator details

  • Meets OSHA's standard 1910.157(g) for hands-on training
  • Simulates four types of fire
    • Spill fire
    • Liquid in-depth fire
    • Gravity fire
    • Flammable storage cabinet