Metallurgical Analysis

BETA Metallurgical Laboratory performs failure analysis of metallic and non-metallic components, including boiler tubes, high-energy components, rotating equipment, valves, vessels, heat exchanges, etc.

Each year clients from all over the United States rely on BETA's metallurgical and failure analysis laboratory. The widespread customer base includes the refinery, chemical plants, automotive industry, utilities, insurance companies, law firms and a variety of manufacturing companies. Many of the services provided have assisted in the areas of material selection, fabrication, material analysis, condition assessment, and material identification. Our engineers and technicians on staff possess a great deal of knowledge and experience - a number of them have over 25 years of industry experience. Please contact us for a quote or additional information on any of our services.


  • Image analysis on metallographs and scanning electron microscopes
  • Microscopic elemental analysis of materials and corrosion/combustion layers using SEM/EDS
  • Remote real time viewing under optical and SEM microscopes
  • Chemical analysis by optical emission spectroscope, LECO C/S and inductive coupled plasma portable optical emission spectroscope, and x-ray fluorescence for onsite chemical analysis
  • Optical microscopy
  • Macro and micro hardness
  • Field replication and hardness testing


  • Failure analysis on corrosion, mechanical and metallurgical damage modes
  • Consulting services in the area of materials engineering and selection
  • Materials testing for a wide variety of materials, and environments
  • Knowledge in state-of-the-art and advanced energy processes
  • Boiler tube and turbine blade deposit index and chemical analysis
  • Evaluation of remaining useful life of boiler tubes
  • Dedication and quality control testing